Annual events in Jamaica


There are a variety of annual festivals that take place in Jamaica. If you are interested in any of these, understanding when they take place may help you decide when to take your trip.
The Yearly Jamaica Ocho Rios International Jazz Event: This year this jazz festival will be held in June and also will celebrate 17 years of consistent artistic success, providing the best of Jamaican music ability as well as a few of the most well-known names in International Jazz. The past 10 years have seen an appearance of a selection of ‘Jazz Festivals’, at home and also abroad, and also numerous various other Caribbean festivals have adopted the cutting-edge attributes first introduced by the Ocho Rios Jazz Celebration. This festival is excitedly anticipated by both citizens as well as travelers alike.


Annual Jamaica Seasoning Event: In July, the Jamaica Traveler Board will certainly once again celebrate Jamaican food with its top food festival, Jamaica Flavor, a one-day party showcasing all that Jamaica has to offer neighborhood and international Epicureans. The primary highlights of Jamaica Flavor will be the exhibit of traditional gourmet, refined foods, as well as delights that come from Jamaica and also are created locally. Near fifty exhibitors are anticipated to showcase their items including coffee, chutneys, meats, juices, rums & liqueurs, arts & crafts, fruits and also candy. Lively cooking presentations will certainly be carried out throughout the day by exhibitors, restaurateurs and local media individualities. There will certainly be display screens of contemporary Jamaican food prepared by cooking professionals who will be available for sale and also public tasting. Food enthusiasts anticipate this festival with great expectancy. If you plan to visit this and also intend to bring some local flavor house, inspect what you’re enabled to bring through custom-mades on your return prior to you go shopping at the festival!
Accompong Maroon Celebration: This unusual festival is commemorated by the Maroons, who are the offspring of the slaves brought to Jamaica to deal with the sugar plantations. Part of the celebration involves a pig roast, in which black, male pigs are prepared in huge pots. The entire community, including site visitors, after that consumes the results– as well as, according to custom, consuming a mouthful of the delicious pork will certainly bring you luck. This event is held in January.
Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Event: For ten years, the nationwide airline has actually been sponsoring a lively music event, featuring artists from all over the world, along with popular Jamaican entertainers. Reggae is an important attribute of the program, yet there is additionally lots of opportunity to pay attention to jazz and various other types of music. This celebration is held at Montego Bay in the month of January.
The Jamaican traveler board will be able to inform you the specific days of these as well as other festivals that will certainly be held in Jamaica throughout the year.

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